HTTP vs HTTPS Website URLs

In 2014, Google started awarding websites that use HTTPS with a minor bump in their search rankings. At that time, only eCommerce websites were adhering to this rule, especially since they were handling their customer’s sensitive information. But in recent years, more and more websites are switching over from HTTP to HTTPS. If you are […]

Career Change in Your 50’s

For years, surveys have revealed that over half of the workforce around the world are unhappy with their current jobs. Could this be because of compensation, benefits, work hours, or the work environment? Perhaps this is why many employees are switching jobs and changing career paths as this often the quickest solution. However, this is […]

How to Change Careers without prior Industry knowledge

Have you ever thought of switching your careers? Has it occurred to you, in your current employment, that you feel unhappy, tired of the work, and would prefer to do something else? This situation may well happen at some point in your career, and if it does, how would you approach the prospect of changing […]