Meet MRS V® Scarlett Vespa
The Alchemist, Guide & Healer.

Five years ago I made one of the best decisions of my life, I decided to take ownership of my career, and began to truly follow my intuition.

My professional life started over 25+ years ago, with all of the glitz and glam, as a production manager on set with Hollywood royalty including Nicole Kidman, Meat Loaf and Jack Thompson.

After having my son, I transitioned from the film industry to produce and direct corporate advertising for clients, including Disney and David Jones, as one of the first female TVC directors in Australia. Years later I was recruited for the role of Head of Broadcasting at Commonwealth Bank, generating million-dollar revenues, which then led me to build my own prominent digital marketing agency.

Although I’d established myself as one of Australia’s leading brand experts, something wasn’t sitting right. That year, I finally took control of my goals, deviating from my ‘set path’, and decided to launch The Style of Mrs V blog, a platform advocating for women over 40; a space to inspire and be inspired. Launching my blog was the first step in building the V Community, a network of expert coaches and supportive resources to help people embrace growth and expand their world – at any age or stage in life!

Essentially… I transformed my career from scripted movie magic to helping people design their own real-life magic!

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“Today people are looking for hope and meaning in an uncertain world. My mission is to make connections and offer the right tools to help them embrace change.

I believe that as we age, we are rich in wisdom, experience and knowledge, we are AgeRich.”

Scarlett xo

See your vision come to life and fulfil your destiny

Know the value you offer in the service you provide

Feel connected and supported by the Mrs V community.

Where it all began.

The vision of Mrs V appeared in 2016 during a state of meditation. I had found myself traversing a challenging point in my life journey, feeling as though I had lost my voice and inspiration. Searching for virtual support in a selection of editorial publications, I was scarcely able to source a voice for women over forty. In that moment I decided to activate my business and personal brand knowledge and created The Style of Mrs V blog. A platform for women to inspire and be inspired. The very first digital event ‘The Style of Mrs V’ was held later that year with over 40 prominent experts including Nancy Pilcher (former editor of Vogue Australia), Jane Caro (award winning writer) and Tim Olsen (leading art gallery owner and philanthropist). The guest experts shared insights as to why it is important to give women over 40 a voice. Since then, I have just launched the V Coach Directory and continue to give holistic makeovers through my brand and coaching work.

Have a peek below for more inspiration: