Cultivate the Right Mindset and Change Your Life for the Better

[bigletter]Some people go through life without having a clear goal. It’s as if they are riding a boat in a fast-moving river and they left the row on the riverbank. They’re just letting the water wash them away in different directions without a clear destination. Having a clear goal will anchor you so that you don’t get lost in the waves of the water. [/bigletter]

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My 10 Tips for a Happy Life

[bigletter]If you can’t love yourself, then no-one else will be able to love you! I remember hearing how the Dalai Lama was shocked that Western civilization even had this concept. So when you care for yourself, your outer will world will care for you too.[/bigletter]

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Water – The Secrets Within

[bigletter]We are 80% made of water, our bodies need replenshing, de-hydration can cause many health issues and is very aging (yes girls)…So 8 glasses a day![/bigletter]

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