How to Open Your Heart to Abundance

The heart is the centre of everything in our lives, and I think it’s important to be present to understand the impact that it has. I believe that the mind and the soul sit in the heart. Our mental thoughts are very much in the head and often when you’re very stressed or you can’t think and you have this swirling head happening, I say to people to really drop those thoughts into your heart area because it’s a great tool to discern the real problem or what you need to listen to because sometimes our worries are actually valid. As my singing teacher reminded me that sometimes it is a message and you have to tune into what you’re being told. It is a message and you have to tune into what you’re being told.

The heart is such an important part of us, yes hence ‘the heart of the matter’ and we often don’t listen to it enough. We don’t acknowledge it, we don’t feel the presence of its impact, and that it’s speaking to us all the time. So, when we start to act on that heart chakra and really open up we’ll see change. It runs the show (yes, it’s the Queen) and if you start to get present with how it is, you’ll start accessing a different part of yourself.

We can hold ourselves in that place of fear or blockage and we’re not even aware of it. The first thing to do, which is part of any healing is to name it, that brings awareness to it. So when we sit in that space of what am I feeling today, we access something powerful. What happens is, it will change the energy in your entire body and I urge you to do a little meditation around your heart and I have created one for you below that really just allows you to sit in that heart space the energy of feeling who you are and accepting where you are.

I think another key part is because when we’re longing to be elsewhere, and not where we are, we are really creating a disconnection to ourselves. Funnily enough, we are ultimately looking for connection AND what we want is the truth. I was having coffee with a friend today and we were discussing social media, I was sharing that I am really feeling a disconnection to it at present. I have all sorts of feeling and thoughts come up, but ultimately I’m not feeling like engaging. He explained (he’s a therapist) that it’s because you can feel the inauthentic way most people are in it and it’s not real. It really struck a chord because when I look at something, I don’t see it from face value, I am an empath and I can feel a read the people, their true vulnerabilities and fears – like we all have! I become a montage of all sorts of emotions that rise up in front of me and gets overwhelming BECAUSE it’s hidden behind the words, the images and videos. I know this is the world and we have to wear a particular armour to ‘be’ however, my sensitivity is getting more heightened and as I get more in touch with my own heart space I want connection in an authentic way more every day. I also believe so does everyone else AND looking to be more connected with your own heart, will change everything.

This is the world and we have to wear a particular armour to ‘be’ whoever, my sensitivity is getting more heightened and as I get more in touch with my own heart space I want connection in an authentic way more every day.

Heart Opening Meditation – 10 Mins


So firstly, I’ve done five tips to talk about how to open your heart to allow abundance
(Full brief & instructions in Podcast)

Be in the Moment

Drop down into that heart space and do the meditation that I have created for you because when we take the time and allow the space to then change can happen. So many of us go about wanting different things and seeing different things and rushing around and we just don’t leave any space, anything to happen and we’re also very reactive. What we’re aiming to do here is turn the way you’re responding to the world in a more proactive way and we start that firstly, by sitting in a place of neutrality which is in that safe.

The Loving space of you, and just being in stillness.

Clarity of what you want

Secondly, when we drop in and access the heart, we access greater clarity in what we want.

So here we start in that space of clarity of what you want and it might be as little as ‘you want to have a great day’ or ‘I want a really good solution to a problem at work tomorrow’, ‘I want a new house’, whatever it is that you’re really clear about. Hold it. And what’s interesting when you hold that in your heart space. If it’s not right or sitting well, then it’s not in line with your purpose. And this is why this exercise is so wonderful, is it actually gets you to tune in to what is true for you. that frequency of what it is.

Open your heart

To open your heart means you open yourself to change, vulnerability and love – we have to allow these things to happen. The question is, do you really want to change in order to have abundance? When you sit in that price of opening your heart and allowing change to come in. You have to allow vulnerability. Love change to happen.

So many givers out there who you know love to give because it’s a really safe place. But when you give them a compliment and you offer them something, they don’t like it. How on earth are you going to create abundance and money or whatever you want in your life if you can’t accept someone doing something for you OR a compliment – start with that if that is you! Start journaling about what it means to open your heart for you.

Intention and visualisation

Setting your intention is important now from that heart space. Focus on how you want to FEEL especially in this process I’m doing here. Then visualise or as I say ‘Feel-ualize’ because it’s the feeling that will create what you want.

Make the Space

I want you to name what you’re really attached to.

The last one is making the space, and just journaling on that thought alone is so powerful because, as I mentioned earlier, we fill our lives with everything and we keep ourselves distracted. Phones, work, TV etc. So how are you going to allow change to come in when there’s no space. How are you going to expand your vision, your heart, your abundance, your sense of self or whatever you want to bring into this world? If there’s no space there, and space is going to mean something different for everybody.

Think about what space means for you. And what would you need to do in order to create space in your life, to have abundance and see what comes up? Write 10 things down and remember writing is accessing your sub-conscious and that is what we are trying to do, really find out what is in there. Everything is about bringing it to the surface, naming it, whatever feels good, doesn’t feel good. It’s about bringing that clarity to the forefront so you can work with it, as opposed to having a kind of a fuzzy feeling that doesn’t go anywhere. And I think we like to be in that fuzzy feeling because there’s a lot of fear around the vulnerability around opening yourself up. I also highly recommend Kamala Murphey, a client of mine that does heart opening work, she has such a beautiful heart and approach, her 15 min freebie chat is highly worth while!

‘Queen of Heart’

My heart beats without instruction.
And It will keep my dreams alive.
It loves without question or knowledge of it’s destination
It will listen without judgement or fear.
And it does not care WHO you are, rich or poor, a no-one or a person of fame.
My heart listens and shelters my soul from memories of pain or hurt.
I hear it sing sometimes, I hear it whisper and gently rock my mind to ease.
I hear it rise and fall with the ebbs of my life.
I am grateful for it’s unwaivering belief in my purpose.
My Queen of Heart.

”Our Hearts Our Free’

An Original Song by Mrs V

MRS V: Scarlett Vespa

Scarlett’s passion is branding and how to help people shape their personal or business brand to be future-proof. Her 25 year+ experience in advertising and branding working as Head of Broadcast for CBA and creating work for businesses such as Westfield, Westpac, David Jones, AMP, White Ribbon, Bonds and many more, gives her a vast knowledge on how to help individuals and businesses face an ever-changing landscape.

Scarlett’s other passion is to empower women at work and holds a yearly event called the ‘Mrs V Shift’ at the Langham Sydney, with over 25 speakers on how build your best self. She also loves to create videos, blogs, podcasts on all things educational, innovative and inspirational. See more about her here: Profile Website.


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