Who Coaches the Coach?


I am so excited to launch a long time coming dream, a community platform for coaches. I never knew it would be for coaches when I started out, I just knew I was built to make a social, learning and creative platform to help others have a better life.

After holding the Mrs V Shift Event for Women 40+, I got the taste of bringing speakers/coaches together to create transformation. Now, it’s done.

TCA Network is a social platform for coaches and it’s been such a labour of love. I have loved making it and the journey is a story in itself. Now the next part of the journey begins. I am such a ‘maker’ so to now deep dive into engagement and growth will be new and exciting to develop with. I do believe that every stage of our career, our business is our life. The reflection of what needs to be developed and seen, the experience that shapes our purpose. What comes first purpose? No, I think it works back on itself, it’s one and the same, so release the striving and be with the feeling, the insight and the passion to draw your next step.

So if you are a coach and you want to be part of something special, then perhaps TCA Network will speak to you. Maybe you are not sure why just trust that magic is a click away…


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